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Effective content strategy can help you lure in the best prospects.

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To make a point about content strategy, let’s take a line from Dr. Seuss:

“Black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish. This one has a little star. This one has a little car. Say! What a lot of fish there are.”

Our point? Even Dr. Seuss knew that part of a good content strategy is knowing that there are many different fish out there, so you can be reaching more than one type of audience. Because one size, just as one fish, doesn’t fit all. It’s important to know who your audience is first and foremost. It also helps to describe just who that audience is and what their needs are. In other words, create a buyer persona, which is a representation of your ideal customers based on data and research.

“Some are sad. And some are glad. And some are very, very bad. Why are they sad and glad and bad? I do not know. Go ask your dad.”

Ok, here is where Dr. Seuss forgets a major point. To reach your target audience, you need to have more than just engaging content. You need to answer or solve a problem for your audience. Why is your customer sad or glad? What can you do to make them happier? Solving their problems can make your company unique, helping you stand out in a big pond.

Determine the best channels to lure your audience in to deliver your message.

You will certainly want to have a website. This acts as a central hub for all the content your business wants to share. Social media is another way to interact with your customers and is a great avenue to answer your product’s questions. The more you address your customers’ inquiries, the more you will be considered a subject expert.

Blogging is another way to accomplish this and provides relevant content related to your audience. According to Statista, during a 2019 survey of bloggers, 77% claimed to have published a how-to article in the last 12 months, making these how-to blogs some of the most popular ways to push content.

Videos are also a great way to promote your message. We’ve covered the value of this in one of our previous blogs. There is also benefit in a newsletter and other more traditional forms of advertising.

Trolling for responses

Whichever methods you use to hit a responsive chord, the key is integration. Using a variety of communication tools lets you stand the best chance of hauling in a good catch. However, part of this success is knowing what is working and what isn’t. By fine-tuning your channels, you can adapt and refine your message and deliver your message most effectively.