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The value of video marketing

June 22, 2020

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If you follow our blog or social pages, you know there is a value to video marketing. Actually, it’s something we at BrickStreet Marketing not only love doing but fully believe in. Look around, video dominates. In fact, a recent blog from Hubspot stated that in 2019, global users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video.

It’s not hard to see how much video influences people. It’s pretty vital to the success of any business, so may as well hop on board and embrace it, right? And, with the current situation of COVID-19, many companies are finding themselves working remotely, wondering how to keep their video marketing efforts going.

As a business owner, it’s imperative that you create quality video content, among many other things. But, how is this possible from home? The truth is, although there is a lot that goes into creating a video and then marketing it, the process is not as daunting as it may appear. There are actually some types of marketing style videos that are a little easier to create than others. And more importantly, these are the types of video that consumers love to watch!

We’ll explore these types of video marketing trends to focus on while working remotely. These are a sure way to keep efforts going while giving you a bit more insight into how engaging and beneficial they can be.

Educational videos are informative, simple, short, and totally capable of engaging audiences. This style of video concentrates on showing off a level of expertise in a particular industry. These videos can be animated or simply filmed against a simple background with a person going into some depth about a specific topic. What makes this type of video great for marketing purposes is that it is informative, so it’s going to raise brand awareness and credibility.



Who doesn’t love getting their questions answered? This is the perfect platform to do it. Q&A videos are the simplest style video to create at home, are affordable to produce, and can engage multiple audiences at once. You can go live on social media to answer relevant questions your customers have. Don’t feel comfortable going live? No problem. Consider doing a prerecorded video in a casual setting or at your place of business. Either way, this helps put a face to your company, builds brand awareness, and creates trust between you and your customers.


Tutorials are very popular right now some social media influencers have built full-blown careers on them! Tutorials are great to show off how your product works. Here is one that we did for Mitchell Golf:

This can be a demonstration or as simple as a screen-recorded video. This process calls for a noise-free environment (as all video should) and a simple background that doesn’t distract. This way, your audience is solely focused on the task at hand. Live tutorials are great because they give authentication to your brand and product. For those who do not have a physical product to demonstrate, consider using a screen-share recorded option or animated video.

With every video, you create, be sure to have proper lighting, prioritize crisp and clear audio, a clean background, and most of all, have fun with it. Bring an inviting presence to your video because people will pick up on that. If considering video or for help editing, get in touch with our team. As you may have noticed, we love video and marketing