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Pounce on that bounce: Ways to reduce bounce rates
February 26, 2020

If you have been struggling to increase search traffic to your site because people simply aren’t staying on your site once they get there, you bounce rate is probably too high. That old saying “I’m like Teflon, nothing sticks to me!” is not the mindset you want when it comes to people coming to your […]

Advertising vs Marketing: How They Work Hand in Hand.
February 5, 2020

With all the market saturation and the white noise, any company that wants to be successful needs to develop an overall strategic plan, or marketing strategy. Within that strategy lies the advertising part of things. Successful execution requires both. It’s important to know how they work together, as well as their differences. What Is Marketing? […]

Web designer vs. web developer: what the heck is the difference?
January 10, 2020

Web designers and web developers are both integral parts of building a website. While some smaller shops may have one person do everything, each requires a different skillset, so it is much more common for a company to have a designer and a developer. Think of a floating car: Yeah, it can float, but it’s […]

3 Tips to Making Contact with Your Contact Page.
December 9, 2019

No one would argue the importance of first contact (great movie, BTW) when it comes to your website. What often gets underrated, however, is the importance of another contact: the contact us page on your website. As the bridge between you and your customers, it ranks up there as one of your most important inclusions. […]

A Colorful History of Black Friday
November 20, 2019

Most of us have “inked in” our shopping extravaganza on the day known as Black Friday. But not everyone knows where the term really comes from. Most believe that the term “Black Friday” refers to the day after Thanksgiving being a profitable one as businesses start to sell a lot of merchandise on this day. […]

3 Great Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Blog
October 31, 2019

Compared to the early days when blogs were not much more than a log of internet activity and entries covering a wide range of obscure topics, the prominence of blogs today and what they represent for businesses is night and day. Before we go into all the benefits of what a blog can do for […]

BrickStreet Marketing Logo | BrickStreet Marketing
The Importance of a Memorable Logo
October 1, 2019

Your logo is the face of your brand and should reflect some aspect of the brand in terms of values and beliefs. Every time someone visits your website or encounters your brand, they are going to see your logo. Make sure it’s one they remember. Your logo should be simple and clean enough in its […]

Website Under-construction | BrickStreet Marketing
If I build it, will they come? Making sure your new website equals online success
August 30, 2019

Websites are a substantial but necessary investment, and you obviously want your site to be a success. Of course, you can’t simply plop in a new website and POOF! instant success. Having a great design and marketing firm (ahem, say, BrickStreet Marketing) is very important. A study done by Stanford University determined that people quickly […]

What’s the Best Platform for Writing a Blog?
July 25, 2019

We’ve talked about website relevance, and writing blogs to help optimize your website is one big part of it. Of course, it doesn’t end there. Your blog should also be pertinent, compelling, and well-written so people will want to read it. And you need a platform so you can post your blog in the first […]

10 Points to Consider to Optimize Your Website
June 25, 2019

In this day and age, it is pretty much impossible to run a business without having a digital presence. But your website must represent more than just a warm body. Your website needs to be optimized, functional, and engaging if you want to attract customers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites that miss the […]