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Content Management Systems

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A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform where organizations can organize and manage their content. It is designed to handle all the basic infrastructure stuff for you so you can focus on the front end of your website.

There are a lot of good content management systems out there. At BrickStreet Marketing, our website developer/designer prefers WordPress. He builds all our sites for clients on it, both internally and externally. According to Dave (our guy), he chose it first and foremost for its flexibility. There is also a lot of functionality that you can add easily, and it has a good foundation for developing SEO for sites.

This is important because, as we talked about in a previous post, businesses in your particular industry are always fighting to get on the first page of a search. A CMS offers built-in features that let you optimize your site (including your blogs)  for search engines. 

So let’s take a look. The whole point is to easily create, store, modify and publish digital content among a group of people. With a content management system like WordPress, this is pretty easy to do. 

It is also easy to upload pictures. All you have to do is browse your media library instead of going through the process of directly interacting with your web server.

Reasons Why

For starters, Content Management Systems are used to run over half of all websites. That’s because many are free and use open source software. This software has source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.

 It also enables you to customize the experience of managing your site, and puts novices and experts on somewhat of an equal footing. For added functionality, the CMS you choose will have ways for you to enhance and expand your site. WordPress uses plugins to add features for example.

Using a content management system to build and manage your site can be very beneficial for continued growth. It stores all of your web content in a central location and supports collaboration and customization.  You certainly will find one that fits your needs.