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One of the biggest challenges of marketing in a smaller community is changing the mindset about the power of marketing. Fortunately, Albion College is an entity that has been utilizing marketing as a primary source of growth and completely understands its value. Although 2020 was a challenging year, 2020 was the first year that we had the pleasure to work hand-in-hand with Albion College to develop and produce the iconic Io Triumphe! magazine and the 2021 Albion College print calendar.

While BrickStreet Marketing is no stranger to large publications, document development, graphic design, and print, the development of the Io Triumphe! project required an extreme level of expertise and organization. A large component of the magazine was the selection of imagery, image manipulation, and the use of cohesive font types and styles throughout every story and graphic utilized. This was also a special edition that was much larger than normal (essentially two normal publications) due to Covid constraints and to ensure adequate coverage of wrapping up the Purple and Bold campaign.

As the project continued, our collaborative efforts with Albion College began to strengthen. Continuous communication was key for this project to succeed, as Io Triumphe! had always been developed internally. Despite the challenges and pressure, BrickStreet Marketing developed a magazine that received great feedback from staff, alumni, and the Albion community. At 76 pages long and 21,000 copies, it is one of the longest editions developed to date.

As a complementary detail to this successful project, our partnership evolved into a friendship with the staff members. This resulted in an additional project, the 2021 Albion College calendar, as part of an exclusive package made for recognized donors. To date, we’re also working on the development of our third Io Triumphe! publication as we continue our successful collaboration with Albion College. We’re extremely proud to be part of where this all started.  A celebration of the success of Albion College’s $100 million comprehensive campaign, the appointment of the 17th president, Dr. Mathew Johnson, and adapting to the once-in-a-lifetime crises that spread all around the world.

Io Triumphe!

Albion College Print Calendar